Great Britain flag icon  Bloody Revenge

 Oliver Astley

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Stanley Cooper is a notorious crime lord. He owns bars and nightclubs in the rich part of London. His gangsters are responsible for a lot of murders and violence in this area. Two detective inspectors Gary Evans and Sandra Checchino have been trying to bring the man to justice for many years. But now Cooper himself is found dead in one of his clubs. At first it looks like a suicide. But after further examination it becomes clear that Cooper has been murdered. Inspectors Evans and Checchino have to investigate this case. The search for the killer is not easy, as a lot of people had a valid reason to want Cooper’s death. Many suspects are questioned and many theories are discussed. This book offers a deep and complicated story with a huge plot twist at the end.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1331 Total words: 7950

Hard words: expressionlessly, colourful, lord, kumquat, cooper, crematorium, licence, cloakroom, unturned, squeezing, hygienic, reviewing, ballistics, petrol, futon, hearse, nauseous, headless, sarcastically, scratching, rolled, fruity, politeness, identified, moustache, unmistakably, assumed.