Great Britain flag icon  Body on the Rocks

 Denise Kirby

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The gardener was working with the roses, but suddenly noticed a strange man standing nearby. He was looking at the house. The stranger had long hair and a tattoo on his arm. He was not like a guest of the owners of this house. Usually visitors, who came to this huge house with a tennis court and a spacious garage, look more official. Even the gardener himself was inside only once. A strange man with a tattoo approached. He went to the house. The gardener kept watching him. The man rang the doorbell. He talked to the maid for a while and she invited him in. The gardener was surprised. Unfortunately, he could not hear the conversation. Soon he heard screams. The man was pushed out of the house. The gardener realized that something unusual had happened. But he did not know what.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1528 Total words: 15315

Hard words: thirstily, sandcastle, wheeling, sally, narrowed, slowing, seasick, downwards, scornfully, verandah, backdoor, parakeet, bay, granddad, yuck, scrabble, supposing, tattooed, footpath, imagining, ochre, jetty, bye, goodnight, windswept, rolled, claustrophobic.