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 Truman Capote

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Holly Golightly is an unbelievable young woman. Her way of life and manners are not always objective. She just follows her heart and not mind. She wants some things and tomorrow she will be interested in some other feelings or ideas. Holly wants to live in wealth and luxury. She manages to reach this goal. Despite of a quite young age she can charm almost everyone who spoke to her. Her behavior can be interpreted in different ways. Someone thinks Holly is a dishonest woman. One can say there is nothing wrong in her attitude towards men. Holly's nature doesn't let her stop and settle in a certain place. Her life is one big endless journey, which corresponds to the inscription on her mailbox: "Miss Holiday Golightly. Travels".

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1604 Total words: 17652

Hard words: underclothes, windowed, skinned, boathouse, fatherly, stork, unsigned, mag, mailman, trawler, smartly, housework, raincoat, shyly, lawful, playfully, lying, organizing, tulip, doorbell, childish, cameraman, racing, brandy, packing, portuguese.