Great Britain flag icon  Breaking the Chain

 Kathy Burke

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Juanantes was a poor farmer. He was a hard-working and kind man, a good husband. The farmer worked hard every day and lived a simple life. Juanantes didn't drink alcohol. The man hated its taste, although many people said it was a great pleasure in life. But Juanantes did not have great joys and sorrows. So he had no reason for drinking. But one day the man took a bottle of whiskey and went to the field behind the house. That night he heard a voice that he could not resist. This voice ordered him to climb a nearby mountain. There was a large fire on that mountain. Next to it there was a bag waiting for Juanantes. The man had to take this bag. But Juanantes did not even suspect how this would change his life.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 744 Total words: 4085

Hard words: stopping, pushed, attacked, liked, faced, questioned, passed, worst, worked, staring, rushed, lit, shouted, watching, crashed, interrupted, understood, turned, returned, risen, swallowed, caught, decided, pulled, opened, saved, contained, arranged, indecisive, freed