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 Julie Reeves

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The life of teenagers in high school is a difficult period. This is that age when you make lots of observations. Ordinary things look suspicious. One can think that this is only rich imagination and a difficult transitional age. But if it is not so? If there are really odities? Why aren't students at Mangrove High School allowed to use computers? Why is it forbidden to study maths? Why are there guards in the school who watch children all the time? Everything is very strange. Even thoughts can be overheard by someone. Finn and Ellie want to understand what's wrong and ask questions. And their lives are turned upside down. Suddenly even their families are no longer what they seemed. Who can they trust now?

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1612 Total words: 21781

Hard words: sleepyhead, sounded, pushed, judged, wondering, attacked, avoided, parents, gasping, maths, smelling, liked, grey, moved, passed, hurting, staying, carried, discovered, brushed, worked, rested, terminated, parted, staring, rushed, joking, unkindly, lit, kept