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 Paul Stewart

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Peter and Susan Reed go on a vacation every year. They are used to staying at the Hotel Vista and spending several days there. But this year everything goes wrong from the very beginning. Will the thirteenth trip to this hotel be the last? It is Saturday morning. They arrive at the hotel as usual. The spouses have always appreciated this place for comfort, good food and a quiet pleasant atmosphere. At the reception they are met friendly and offered coffee. Mrs Brown is the owner of the hotel. She is used to meeting guests in person. Peter asks how Mrs Brown and her fifteen-year-old daughter are doing. The vacation starts and nothing portends any troubles. But they are to happen soon. Peter and Susan will have to make every effort to figure everything out.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 351 Total words: 2841

Hard words: pretending, answered, moved, worked, pretended, shouted, turned, remembered, opened, stopped, ugh, fell, tried, umm, excitedly, going, said, playing, luckily, cinema, saw, loved, don, cafe, sleeping, thirteen, goodbye, clever, policeman, eleven