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 Janet Tay Hui Ching

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Sometimes it is hard to answer simple questions - where is a person's homeland? Where did he come from? What kind of culture is his native? In the modern world, all countries and nations have mixed up too much to give a definite answer. Two young people meet at the university to dance together. The man is African. The girl is Asian. Everything happens in Africa, in the girl's hometown. The man came from far away. Which of them is a foreigner? And should we look for an answer to this question? A fashion band is playing on the stage. The vocalist is also Asian. He is singing a very fashionable foreign song. Under the stage there are few girls in bright clothes. Another group of girls is standing at the end of the hall and waiting for chairs and tables to be released. The room is very hot.

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Hard words: tidily, callus, cologne, thankfully, nineteen, perfume, suitcase, pin, pleased, pale, pretend, dirt, ceremony, flat, smooth, smell, luck, round, usual, pack, dust, wedding, suppose, shout, wash, scream, tired, complain, neither.