Great Britain flag icon  Captain Corelli's Mandolin

 Louis De Bernieres

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An old doctor lived on a calm Greek island. But in 1941 the island was captured by Italy which was the ally of Hitler's Germany in World War II. The doctor has a daughter. She is an educated and determined woman. She falls in love with a local fisherman. The couple wants to get married. Soon the fiancé goes to war. The girl in love writes him lots of letters. There is no answer. The Italian army occupies the island. Their authorities resettle the officers. So Captain Corelli was settled under the roof of the doctor's house. The captain is cheerful and captured by the passion for the mandolin. The doctor's daughter feels disappointed in her fiance. She starts doubting that he really loves her. Nothing goes unnoticed by the attentive eyes of Captain Corelli. If you are a fan of such books as "Gone with the Wind", "Cold Mountain", then this novel will undoubtedly be to your liking.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 3177 Total words: 32194

Hard words: disbelievingly, cheekily, appreciating, surrendered, challengingly, commandingly, gesturing, recalling, hector, skilful, invaded, sorrowing, signorina, tolerantly, eccentrically, taverna, unfired, thinned, harbour, tuned, sickened, healed, indescribably, unselfconsciously, raped, wonderingly, honour, breathlessness.