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 Harris William

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William Harris can't remember when the game started. His wife died twelve years ago. And everything started shortly after her death. After the tragedy Harris continued to live in their common house, unwilling to leave it. He was too accustomed to it. Even despite the fact that the house was large and it was not comfortbale for one person to be there. Everything around reminded him of his wife and he liked it. Some time after the funeral, the widower noticed something strange. A ghost started appearing in the house. It was not his late wife. It was a poltergeist who loved moving objects. The owner had to play with him. They played every night together. At first, they outlined the rules and adhered to them. But gradually the ghost started breaking them, making this game dangerous.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1022 Total words: 22853

Hard words: pushed, queen, liked, answered, faced, moved, passed, reaching, poltergeist, ruled, discovered, worked, punished, rested, picked, scratched, kept, described, shouted, held, stepped, filbert, realized, touched, watching, understood, turned, returned, untidy, taken