Sara Paretsky

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More than a thousand people attended the Boom Boom funeral. Many of them were fans of the Black Hawks hockey team. Boom Boom was a player of this team and one of the biggest hockey stars a few years ago. But during one of the games he broke his left ankle. For a very long time he did not want to believe that he could no longer be a professional athlete. But in the end, he still humbled himself and found a job that was far from sport. His body was discovered near the pier. It was floating in the water. Boom Boom was the uncle of the main character. They grew up in douthern Chicago. The real name of this man was Bernard, but his childhood friends called him Boom. He liked this name and always used it. But this story is not about the life of Boom Boom. It is focused on what happened after his death.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 2116 Total words: 25134

Hard words: stopping, pearl, stabbed, sounded, attended, pushed, wondering, cancelled, refused, avoided, slammed, practising, disliked, liked, answered, grey, harbour, moved, passed, delivered, tearing, widened, carried, boarded, wasting, worst, discovered, worked, slipped, unloading