Great Britain flag icon  Death in Edinburgh

 R. E. Syme

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Angus returned from England to Edinburgh. He was very happy. The fact is that nine months ago, he published a book and it brought him unprecedented success. His life turned upside down. He had 15 years of uncertainty before the publication. Now Angus is a very popular person. Twenty publishers are fighting for the right to work with him. They want him to start writing a new crime story. But the writer wants to have a short break at home. A new crime happened in Edinburgh and Angus was one of the first people to learn about it. Many police officers were his friends. Angus was even in love with a woman, who was from this area. After visiting the crime place, the writer understood that he had already started a new book. He has to investigate this case on his own and find the murderer.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1391 Total words: 6383

Hard words: pacing, wagging, exhibiting, dodging, contemplated, popped, tugging, intruding, colliding, brainwave, artefact, tactles shamefaced, schadenfreude, lapping, rounding, cliched, surfing, clustered, jawbone, poised, scumbag