Great Britain flag icon  Destiny calls at Taransay

 Alessandra Brunetti

1843    75    18    1    14     30

This is a bright and colorful story with nice pictures. It begins with the picture in which Susan and David are preparing for the road. There is a jeep near the house ready to go. They are going on safari to take lots of photos of animals. In this park you can find the big five: rhinos, elephants, leopards, lions and bulls. The travel should be nice. They are going to go not only by car, but also spend the night in tents. The couple takes a small child with them. From the house they have to go about a hundred miles. Three hours later, the car reaches the destination. In the reserve, the road is pretty bad, but David is an experienced driver. Soon they see a leopard, and then an elephant. David wants to take a photo and gets distracted without noticing a hole in the road. The car turns over.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 865 Total words: 5532

Hard words: parents, hie, questioned, moved, passed, hankie, staying, studying, scarp, bush, flirting, held, kidnapped, travelling, worse, crashed, natal, drowned, inhabited, joining, birthmark, disappeared, remembered, gazelle, decided, favourite, saved, nearer, disinfect, populated