Great Britain flag icon  Doctor Li and the Crown-wearing Virus

 Cavallo Francesca

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This story is about a very kind doctor. This doctor lived in China. Doctor Li was an eye doctor. He worked in a city called Wuhan and helped many patients every day. One day he noticed a strange thing. All his patients had the same symptom - they were shivering. It looked like the flu. It was like a terrible cold. But it wasn't flu. The doctor sent messages to his colleagues and told them about this strange disease. But the police asked him to stop panic. Still more and more people got sick with this disease. Doctor Li understood that he had to do something. He began to study this new virus in the laboratory. The doctor and his colleagues learnt that this virus was a threat to all humanity. Unfortunately, they were right.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 362 Total words: 1081

Hard words: coronavirus, refused, questioned, discovered, worked, kept, chickenpox, allowed, realized, touched, sending, needed, unknowingly, measles, corona, schoolwork, tried, landed, trying, treated, spent, afar, wanted, saliva, contagious, falling, learned, going, telling, observed