Great Britain flag icon  Doctor Who: Borrowed Time

 Naomi Alderman

19215    1138    134    111    63

Andrew Brown has problems. Such kind of troubles are very popular among modern people. The man always lacks time. Andrew does not have time to call his sister. He does not have enough time to prepare an important presentation for work. Trains are always late when Andrew is in a hurry for another meeting. If the train arrives on time, this man is sure to get stuck in the elevator. Everything Andrew wants is a little more time. Suddenly he finds a way out of the situation. There are people who are willing to lend time. More precisely, they lend out it at a quite low rate of interest. Andrew agrees. But things start getting even worse. And at that moment Doctor Who appears. He and his assistant come to the rescue. This is a new exciting adventure for Doctor and his assistant Amy.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1385 Total words: 21398

Hard words: stopping, recharged, sounded, pushed, recharging, wondering, parents, liked, answered, grey, moved, passed, hurting, mending, worst, worked, rested, lord, staring, joking, picked, exchequer, kept, stole, shouted, pushing, clapping, allowed, explained, held