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 Arthur Clarke

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Through a dream he heard a dog barking. The first reaction was annoyance - that noise did not let sleep. He wanted to shout at the dog to make it keep silence. Finally the man woke up. The brain began to work again. Without opening his eyes, the man thought there could not be a single dog nearby. They lived for several million kilometres away. He opened his eyes. The conjecture was confirmed. There were only these same walls of the room in a spaceship. The reality was less pleasant than a dream so he wanted to sleep again. But sleeping at that moment was tantamount to death. The man remembered the barking again. The story with that dog started a long time ago. It was on the Earth. He did not like animals until that day.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 616 Total words: 1973

Hard words: uttering, refused, wishing, liked, answered, grey, reaching, awakened, hurting, alsatian, staying, worst, slipped, muttered, picked, allowed, huddled, putting, turned, returned, considered, barking, undamaged, sleepily, seeking, seconds, opened, astrophysical, unselfish, fated