Great Britain flag icon  Dolan's Cadillac

 Stephen King

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The main character of this story is a schoolteacher from Las Vegas. Seven years ago his wife testified in court against Dolan, a rich and powerful man. Soon afterwards she was murdered. Now everything the widower can think of is getting revenge. He has been watching Dolan for seven years. The murderer leads a luxurious life style. He lives in a penthouse apartment, wears expensive clothes and spends a lot of time in the company of beautiful women. Besides, he often goes to Los Angeles in his gray Cadillac. Two bodyguards always accompany him. Dolan is very suspicious and careful. So it seems impossible to get close to him. One day the protagonist gets an idea how to trap the Cadillac and kill Dolan. But the plan is very complicated and requires a lot of efforts.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1104 Total words: 7076

Hard words: shoveled, sounded, punchbowl, surrounded, underestimated, wishing, roadwork, leafed, ruby, answered, grey, questioned, moved, passed, dug, carried, removed, worked, rested, unloaded, exchanged, picked, kept, stole, shouted, titled, stapler, held, examined, squashed