USA flag icon  Don Quixote

 Miguel De Cervantes

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This is one of the most popular stories from the classical world literature which has a lot of interpretations in our days. The hero is Don Quixote de La Mancha who embodies the eternal human values. A knight-errant Don Quixote was born when the hidalgo Senor Alonso Quixano had read a lot of books about the knights’ adventures. These stories captured his mind and have inspired him so much that the man has reincarnated. Everyone who met them thought that he is crazy. Because an ordinary man doesn’t kill non-existent dragons, fight with windmills and wants to rescue fair maidens? If you want to be a knight and change the world, all what you need are a valiant war horse Rocinante, lonely princess which you dedicate your life and a brave squire to accompany you.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1537 Total words: 7760

Hard words: code, chivalry, enchanted, damsel, distres hidalgo, landowner, nobleman, senor, modestly, niece, priest, barber, crazed, bloodshot, concerned, rescuer, fair, maiden, attic, rusty, armor, faithful, steed, nag, delusional, valiant, hack, dedicate, insane, rambling, conquer, villain, grip, demand, lance, stable, bud, fraud, scorching, inn, shelter, shabby, summon, giggle, grunt, sire, loon, mischievously, apprentice, seek, stumble, deed, stomp, tro muleteer, well, swar screwball, obediently, straw, dung, hereby, righteou smack, mount, spot, gallantry, halt, cretin, proclai sloppy, chop, screa impudent, knave, land, ditch, whimper, mud, regain, sanity, dunce, munch, nap, lick, grab, saddle up, donkey, squint, glare, contradict, scold, spur, thrust, shaft, sweep, shatter, tos boo puff, dust, trot, dismay, fierce, trick, skewer, pelt, smash, spit out, meadow, devour, onion, salami, throb, sadden, miserable, scrape, strea rule, ogre, sneak, hind leg, clank, folly, spear, scoff, snatch, visor, curse, lash, whip, vulnerable, needy, sergeant, convict, testify, flee, feast, smash, overdo, wander, duke, refuse, lunatic, roa hayloft, gush, bloodbath, simpleton, shudder, stab, slay, seize, joust, contest, demonstrate, tactic, squeeze, chubby, humble, beloved, author, hop, fret, polish, maid, glee, recite, poetry, cask, his combat, hunchback, neigh, fling off, hatch, jaw, drool, curved, blaze, yawn, rattle, roar, grumble, sulk, predator, velvet, majestic, stallion, falcon, huntres gasp, gulp, duches sidekick, vast, opulent, jar, perfume, chat, vulgar, trollop, boar, tusk, prance, twig, ivy, grasp, cease, squabbling, carving, blindfold, smelly, balcony, squeal, tap, moan, pump, douse, prank, butler, tilt, lawn, shirk, snap, jaunt, crescent, dismount, vanquish, concede, snarl, co mercy, surf, hobble, lament, salary, mutter, sane, feat, accomplish