Great Britain flag icon  Double Trouble

 Pauline O'Carolan

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Iveri was sitting at the stern and driving the boat. It was floating slowly through the waves. The work on the next island was completed and now he could go to rest. He usually traveled to the island on which he lived very quickly - about fifteen minutes. But that day he was in no hurry. That day was warm and pleasant. The guy turned off the motor of the boat and threw the anchor overboard. He conveniently lay down in his small boat and looked at the sky. This day was special. On this day, a family from New Zealand was to arrive on his island. He talked a lot with tourists. He began working at a hotel on the island as soon as he left school. Sometimes he played music with other boys, sometimes he offered guests of the hotel horseback riding. But now the tourists were going to live on his island.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1024 Total words: 13155

Hard words: drifted, pushed, sung, parents, liked, moved, passed, bringing, fijian, dug, staying, circled, anchored, carried, worked, picked, lit, kept, shouted, explained, banknote, held, stepped, kava, touched, pacific, kicking, drifting, turned, returned