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 Ezekiel Mphahlele

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This is an autobiographical book. We will learn about the life of the author in South Africa. It is about his childhood long before escaping from his native country and living in exile. This is a story about life in apartheid politics. A bright and full of emotions book that will allow the reader to relive some moments that are familiar only to an African resident. Everything starts with the life of a little boy. He is only five. He has a brother and a sister. All of them live with their grandmother in a small village. The nearest city is about seventy kilometres away. Their parents stayed in another city: the father works as a messenger and the mother does housework for money. The little boy enjoys listening to stories by the fireplace in the evenings. Once he learns a story about a white and a black man.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 2561 Total words: 26511

Hard words: caned, dipped, hatmaker, attended, pushed, containing, blamed, stampeding, refused, mealie, insulted, parents, veld, practising, repairer, nog, cursing, discussed, liked, answered, hanged, grey, daydreaming, questioned, sixpence, moved, passed, dismissed, loveable, staying