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 Patrick Read Johnson

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Evil King Freyne rules the country. He doesn't live by the Old Code. He kills dragons and peasants. Sir Bowen is the Knight of the Old Code and he hates the king. Bowen teaches young Prince Einon to fight. He hopes that the prince won't be as cruel as his father. One day King Freyne is riding through a village. He is killing the peasants and burning their houses. Suddenly he is attacked. The king dies. Prince Einon is seriously wounded. Queen Aislinn, his mother, asks the Great Dragon for help. The dragon agrees to save her son. But in return the prince must promise to be a good king and live by the Old Code. Prince Einon promises and the Great Dragon gives him half of his heart. But when Einon becomes king, he forgets about his own word. Sir Bowen thinks that the dragon's heart makes the new king so cruel.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 698 Total words: 14401

Hard words: pushed, queen, liked, answered, grey, moved, carried, worked, shouted, aah, knight, watching, worse, understood, taught, turned, caught, remembered, helped, pulled, opened, nearer, firelight, stopped, shouting, cruelly, fell, washed, madam, tried