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 Reg Wright

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Sometimes our brothers and sisters make our life difficult especially if they're younger and you always feel responsibility for them. If they have some troubles, we help them. This book raises a question - can people change if they make a big mistake in life? The main character of the story is Jennifer Walton. She works as a nurse. Jennifer is a kind and responsible person. She has a younger brother and he is her antipode. His name is Richard. He often changes jobs and girls. He always needs money. When the police come to her looking for her brother she isn’t very surprised. Richard had some problems with the police earlier. But then the police start suspecting her as the accomplice in crime. She is shocked. By an unhappy coincidence she was giving her brother's criminal boss a lift to the hospital while the crime was being committed. She didn't know who he was. That was a coincidence. Will the police believe her?

Text Analysis: Unique words: 692 Total words: 6077

Hard words: jewellery, lying, doorbell, disco, ringing, losing, cupboard, earring, loudly, goodbye, superintendent, waiter, excite, taxi, thief, clever, sometime, till, policeman, cheer, upstairs, diary, eleven, detective, towel, uncomfortable, hurry, pen.