Great Britain flag icon  Escape

 Phillip Burrows

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Brown is in prison. But he didn't do anything. He is innocent. But he must stay in this prison for five years. The guards hate him. They are sure that Brown is a thief. Innocent people don't get into a prison. Every day the guards laugh at him. Brown can only read books. It is very difficult for him. One day Brown is looking out of the window. It is a small window under the ceiling, but you can see sky. A bird is flying in the sky. It is free. It flies where it wants. Brown wants to be that bird. And he has an idea how he can be free. He has a book with a photograph of the area near the prison. Now he has a plan how to run away. Brown does everything the next day. In the morning the guard comes to check him. But he sees the empty cell. Brown is not here.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 300 Total words: 1925

Hard words: worse, shush, moo, bye, clink, clover, leaving, ouch, looking, screech, going, snore, mole, buzz, ditch, splash, don, bang, making, thief, coming, bicycle, fascinating, pizza, alarm, slam, tunnel, hungry, exciting, net