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 Edith Wharton

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When it's the beginning of the twentieth century on the street - life on a farm in Massachusetts just does not seem easy to you. Winters are long and unusually cold on these lands. The fields are covered with snow and ice. The nights are long and dark. The sun is almost invisible at that time of year. The life of a simple farmer, Ethan, is hard. He has to work much to survive. But his existence is not without pleasant and bright moments. It looks like Ethan is an ordinary farmer - unhurried, quiet. But he feels the beauty of the world. He likes looking at the bright stars in the night winter sky. He is pleased to see the thick shadows of trees in the snow. He is not entirely alone on his small farm. There are pleasant people around with whom he can share the difficulties of this endless winter.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1119 Total words: 10279

Hard words: coasting, rook, matt, edged, starless, plateful, unloaded, whinny, likeable, stomachache, august, jealously, lamplight, whining, motherly, coldness, wordless, shapeless, sawmill, dinnertime, wintry, yellowish, bloodless, moonlit, goodnight, heartless, sunlit, sleigh, sunburn, lazily, coolness.