Great Britain flag icon  Everything is Eventual

 Stephen King

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Richard Earnshaw has a unique ability. He can influence people. He can even make them die. To do this, he just needs to draw intricate drawings or imagine them. Once something unusual happens. A certain Mr. Sharpton from the government finds Richard. Mr. Sharpton offers Richard to change the world for the better. Everything is for good pay. Now Richard has his own house and money. His job is to send emails with his projects to concrete people. According to Mr. Sharpton, these people are criminals. But one day the guy comes across an old newspaper with an article about one of his victims. His conscience starts to torment him. Richard checks stories of all his addressees. And the truth is very painful.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1087 Total words: 8479

Hard words: pushed, wondering, proved, dink, liked, moved, hypnotized, wastepaper, worst, teased, worked, paperboy, punched, picked, deliveryman, kept, displayed, allowed, explained, held, realized, dinky, putting, watching, arrested, ford, remembering, turned, deserved, drowned