Great Britain flag icon  Fly Away Home

 Patricia Hermes

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Amy Alden lives with her mother in New Zealand. Her parents broke up when she was nine. Back then, Amy and her mother moved to New Zealand. Her father lives in Canada. Amy is happy with her mother. But one day her mother dies in a car accident. It happens at night, when it is raining heavily. The girl moves to Canada. But this is not her home. This is far away from New Zealand. There are wide fields outside the window. It often rains. Amy's father is near but she is not very happy about it. The girl doesn't really know this man. She wants her mother. But now everything is different. The girl will have to live in this new cold and uncomfortable country. This future scares Amy. What is waiting for her in Canada?

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1173 Total words: 20979

Hard words: photocopying, reproduced, liked, answered, hullo, moved, sou, staying, carried, picked, puffin, aeroplane, ere, shim, held, potter, worse, understood, taught, turned, taken, graded, caught, helped, pic, played, pulled, opened, stinky, stopped