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 Pauline Francis

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Joe is a young boy who works on his uncle's organic farm in Cornwall. His life is filled with reflections and difficult decisions. He faces many problems. Not long ago, genetically modified foods and plants got to them, too. Now they are threatening his uncle's business. So who is right? Are the scientists and the government right? Or those people, who are protesting against genetically modified food? Can he continue to be friends with Kate? She is the daughter of a genetically modified farmer. And what about Anna? She is one of the protesters. Will this girl stop liking him if he doesn't take part in the protests? These problems are very serious. And Joe doesn't have much time to make right decisions.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1135 Total words: 12711

Hard words: pushed, conic, refused, parents, liked, answered, grey, moved, passed, trashing, reaching, staying, eats, carried, discovered, worked, protesting, trashed, picked, unkindly, lit, kept, arriving, shouted, explained, held, surfing, realized, touched, putting