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 Steve Flinders

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Imagine that today is the day of the big match. And you have a ticket. You go to the stand. There are hundred thousand people and the noise is getting louder. The players are on the pitch. The game begins. It is fast and exciting. Both teams are playing well. You do not always understand what is happening. Suddenly your team scores first. It happens shortly before the break. Then the other team scores. You are afraid to watch. The situation is tense. Then you hear your name. You are running onto the pitch. The ball is near you. You run with it. You feel free. The goal is in front of you. And victory is awaiting you. Learn more about football from this book. You will feel that you are at the real football match.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1060 Total words: 7009

Hard words: enjoyably, offside, passed, carried, worst, worked, gam, pushing, ere, held, touched, worse, blowing, taken, graded, goalkeeper, coloured, decided, favourite, august, helped, played, uninteresting, attacking, pleat, semi, stopped, wearing, tried, glossary