Great Britain flag icon  From the Earth to the Moon

 Jules Verne

2060    165    8    11    24

In the mid 1860s, at the time of the American Civil War, a new club was organized. It was organized by Impey Barbicane. He was obsessed with the idea of building a cannon that could reach the moon. Scientific calculations confirmed that the technologies of that time could create such a weapon. Barbicane captivated the whole world with this idea. He raised 5.5 million dollars to achieve the goal. It was planned to build a gigantic cannon and make a round projectile. The projectile had to fly to the moon to be seen by the possible inhabitants of the planet. The project caught attention of the French traveler Michel Ardan. He proposed to create a hollow metal cylinder that people could fit into. Ardan volunteered to fly in this projectile. Is this goal feasible? Will humans be able to get to the moon?

Text Analysis: Unique words: 698 Total words: 8374

Hard words: answered, moved, carried, worked, arriving, hurrah, putting, pacific, watching, helped, played, seconds, opened, doodle, nearer, needed, stopped, fell, dandy, schoolboy, noisily, projectile, coldly, buoy, looking, spoke, diving, duel, excitedly, telegram