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 Deborah Meyers

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This story happened in Wales. A prince named Llewellyn lived in a large stone castle. His wife died in childbirth and the prince was left with a little son. The man loved his child very much. Llewellyn was very rich. There were many loyal servants and brave warriors in the castle. The prince also had an old and very faithful dog named Gelert. This dog always fought with the prince's enemies. It was the bravest and the strongest dog in the country. Gelert loved the son of the prince and defended him. The prince often called the dog his best friend. One sunny day Llewellyn decided to go hunting. Dozens of people, hunting dogs and guards went with him. He left the faithful dog near the cradle of his son. The father did not know that this decision was a big mistake. He had yet to find it out.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 336 Total words: 1529

Hard words: liked, growling, understood, turned, returned, decided, pulled, saved, fell, trying, leaving, bravely, looking, spoke, tombstone, lovingly, wanted, trusted, graveyard, called, peacefully, said, cradle, angrily, saw, raised, loved, smiling, protected, tomb