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 Clarke Maeve

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Adam is the most ordinary guy in the world. He works in the bank. Every day he doesn't want to go to work, but he goes. His life is boring. Still it is fine for the guy. But one day a sudden adventure happens in Adam's simple and quiet life. First he meets Lisa. Adam decides to help this beautiful girl. Some bandits are trying to take her purse away. But then something strange happens. Lisa's bag contains a large sum of money. This money is from the sale of drugs. Some very dangerous people want to get that money. So Adam gets into a criminal story. It is full of dangers. An ordinary bank worker does not have time to be a hero. But the guy has no choice now. How will this situation end? Will Adam find a way out?

Text Analysis: Unique words: 250 Total words: 1433

Hard words: stopping, leaking, horoscope, rucksack, petrol, bye, hiccup, filming, ouch, screech, going, stoop, thump, robber, greedy, happening, don, dial, waiting, thief, boring, coming, mobile, fascinating, park, exciting, net, dirty, silver, boss