Great Britain flag icon  Great Crimes

 John Escott

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This book tells about the most famous criminals in the United States. This is not about ordinary petty offenders. These people became really famous by their deeds. Only the most interesting and unusual cases are presented in this story. Dr. Hawley Harvey Krippen met a young girl named Cora. Harvey's first wife died long time ago. Later he married this beautiful girl. Cora was cruel, domineering and did not love her husband. She was dreaming about the career of the singer and wanted her husband to earn much more money. Doctor's salary was too small to pay for the vocal lessons. Cora was not very good at singing. No matter how hard she tried to perform - she failed to become a famous star. One day she suddenly disappeared.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1314 Total words: 7600

Hard words: ruby, balaclava, lord, thumbprint, lorry, depository, racehorse, august, petrol, parkland, shortened, valuables, newsman, forged, moustache, violet, dew, doorknob, lying, rainwater, madman, fright, crescent, jack, stormy, handcuff, confidently, racing, belgian.