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 Kathy Burke

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This story happened six hundred years ago. Mrs. Yeh sat in the living room waiting for her husband. Mr. Yeh had left for almost a year to teach in a private school. The woman expected him to come back. She also needed his salary. A big and expensive holiday was approaching. It was very important. The people of China were preparing a feast of several dishes. Mr. Yeh finally came back. The woman was very glad. Mr. Yeh said he had made a lot of money. But he couldn't keep it. Everything happened on the way home. He was already planning the New Year's menu, but suddenly he saw something that distracted from pleasant thoughts. A woman was running to the river nearby. She clearly wanted to commit suicide.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 674 Total words: 3624

Hard words: pretending, refused, answered, moved, dug, worst, discovered, pretended, rushed, joking, stole, shouted, allowed, realized, putting, watching, interrupted, whispering, kneeling, skinned, praying, decided, helped, opened, saved, nearer, wrapped, needed, included, stopped