Great Britain flag icon  Hard Times for the Time Trippers

 Maria Jack

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Matt Johnson woke up in the middle of the night. The same nightmare tormented him again and again. In the dream, he came home after school. There was one day before the holidays. There was no one at home, and on the table he found a note. It said that his parents would return soon and they had a surprise for him. In the next moment of the dream, a police car arrived. The officer told the boy about the accident in which his parents had recently died. The room started circling around Matt. He fell on the floor. But this time in his nightmare there was a new strange detail. He noticed the beautiful face of the girl who was nearby. This girl's name was Linda. But it was impossible, as they were not acquainted yet. He met Linda much later. They experienced many adventures together and she became his best friend.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1482 Total words: 11597

Hard words: sleepyhead, colliery, pushed, tut, queen, parents, dictated, matt, resisting, liked, answered, grey, aaah, tilled, moved, passed, nastily, frowning, staying, discovered, worked, murmured, applauded, staring, rushed, joking, scanned, repaired, arriving, catching