Great Britain flag icon  Haunted Britain

 Jane Rollason

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Josh was in bed and everything was alright. Suddenly there was an explosion. The pictures flew off the walls and scattered across the room. There were bits of window on his bed and on the floor. There was a lot of dust in the room. There were fragments of bricks from the walls everywhere. Josh was scared. He ran out of the room and started calling for his mother and grandmother. Together they ran out into the street. They saw something terrible. The neighboring house wasn't there. Josh saw only a front door and a lot of bricks. The guy and his family watched and waited. People around were running and shouting. Josh had no idea how this misfortune would end. And that he would face strange, unexplained events. You can read this and a few other stories of Haunted Britain in this book.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 682 Total words: 6533

Hard words: queen, liked, answered, moved, cleaned, worked, josh, penknife, shouted, touched, policewoman, scots, turned, blowing, remembered, decided, motorbike, favourite, dressed, helped, pulled, opened, nearer, shuck, stopped, whispered, wearing, gravestone, bye, tried