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 Jack London

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'Hearts of Three' is Jack London's last creation. This novel is different in style from the previous works of the author. The novel is light, romantic, created for the purpose of filming a series based on it. The 20th century is now. Pirates are no longer in sight. But this does not apply to the treasure. What was buried in the ground can be stored for years, centuries. In the morning Francis Morgan is a rich heir. And in the afternoon you find out that you are a descendant of the pirate Henry Morgan. The search for his treasure promises to be filled with adventures. Love will also be. It will make its own rules of the game in any event. And if we are talking about a love triangle... Is gold the real treasure or is it something else more fragile and delicate? Who will get the treasure?

Text Analysis: Unique words: 2999 Total words: 29785

Hard words: recollected, tapped, dipped, routed, sounded, pursued, combing, interpreted, pushed, destined, snapping, impacting, assisting, scut, noticing, mainmast, containing, queen, blamed, mortgaged, cancelled, refused, insulted, totaled, lamented, slammed, seizing, sidewise, cabalistic, invaded