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 Arthur Hailey

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Any building is a 'living organism'. Life flows in it. Many internal processes take place in it. This skyscraper is the 'St. Gregory'. This is one of the largest hotels in New Orleans. Each corner of this building has its own interesting history. It will take more than one year to tell at least half of what the walls of this giant know. This hotel is always in motion. Many different people come, fall in love and disperse. Their lives and destinies are interwined. About Marsha Preyscott the hotel remembers a romantic love story. But the hotel knows Julius Milne as a thief. And one couple is hiding from punishment within its walls. These are the Duke and Duchess of Croydon. Many lives, many stories...

Text Analysis: Unique words: 5184 Total words: 62984

Hard words: unzipped, stopping, stubbed, resplendently, tucked, tongued, unpacked, tetrachloride, sounded, notified, unsealed, escorted, pursued, assembling, impaled, rearranging, pushed, compiled, aided, sectioned, mistaking, securing, dissembling, rebelliously, unexpectedness, containing, alerted, queen, blamed, hurrying