Great Britain flag icon  How is Your Mother

 Simon Brett

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There was an ordinary town with ordinary people. They knew everything about each other or at least wanted to know. An ordinary man lived in this town with his old and sick mother. It's a common situation when a child helps his parent in old age. Everybody understood why he could not take part in life. His mother constantly needed help. The good son always went home after work. He couldn't afford himself even business trips for improving his career. He hadn't any close friends or a girlfriend. His whole life was around the sick mother and he hardly ever had some free time. The citizens sympathized him. They always asked how his mother was and proposed their help. The man was grateful but refused. One day, when he came home, he found a postman inside of his house. The postman told the owner he had seen fire and tried to prevent it.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 518 Total words: 2117

Hard words: sergeant, bury