Great Britain flag icon  How the Camel Got His Hump

 Rudyard Kipling

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Do you want to know where the camel's hump came from? This story happened long ago when the world was very new. Back then the animals only began to work for humans. There was also a camel without a hump. He lived in the middle of a big desert. The camel was very lazy. He only ate thorns and loved to roar. Various animals came to him: a horse, a dog and an ox. They asked the camel to go and work with them. But the camel always replied: 'Humph'. He refused to go. That is why the animals had more work. The world was young and there was a lot to do. The animals were tired and very angry. But once there came the Djinn of All Deserts. He carefully listened to everyone. And the Djinn decided to teach a lazy camel a lesson.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 226 Total words: 1102

Hard words: worked, held, travelling, caught, joined, stopped, hump, spoke, learned, going, called, said, puff, idle, saw, camel, lazy, saddle, don, haven, fascinating, silly, eating, punish, behave, magic, dear, standing, exciting, net