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 John Escott

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The pub was called 'Green Bird'. It had always been quite a popular place. When it was getting dark, a lot of people came there to have a rest. Especially on Fridays. Behind the pub there was a large parking, which was rarely empty. That day there were also many cars. And there was a woman at the parking standing in the darkness and waiting for something. The woman's name was Rosa. She was hiding behind a big tree so that it was harder to notice her. She usually worked at a hotel six days a week, and took a day off on Monday. It was Monday evening. It was rather cold and Rosa felt discomfort. She was wearing a short and not too warm skirt. But the waiting was not too long and soon a middle-aged woman came out of the pub. She went to her car.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 351 Total words: 1778

Hard words: blackmailer, ford, whisky, blackmail, fiat, mummy, handbag, cinema, nineteen, pub, trousers, blonde, crouch, ambulance, eighteen, grind, taxi, fake, bang, policeman, mobile, liquid, driving, skirt, park, dear, badly, fifty, dirty, thirty.