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 Edna Brien

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People believed that all residents of Ireland are funny and noisy. They drink a lot and love good parties. Any Irishman can have fun until late at night or even morning. But Mary is not very similar to other Irish. She is seventeen. She is a modest girl and lives on a remote farm. She rides an old bike to her first party in life. The girl is driving along a picturesque road in the mountains. She is expecting the evening to be unusual and pleasant. Suddenly, the front wheel burst. This is not unusual, as the bike is older than Mary. She is used to hard work and difficulties. When you live far from civilization, you have a lot of work. The girl has to take care of the household, the animals and three other children in the family. Her father works a lot and is ever not at home.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 833 Total words: 3541

Hard words: greyness, nastily, plateful, daringly, earache, flowerpot, undercooked, motorbike, womanly, frost, milking, postman, clumsily, ugliness, trembling, steeply, hairdresser, lying, rainwater, wavy, magically, refill, midsummer, fright, sweetly, firewood, reddish, stony, breathless, pleasantly.