Great Britain flag icon  Is He Living or is He Dead?

 Mark Twain

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Mark Twain is one of the most famous American writers to our days. Almost every person has heard his name and read his stories. Several generations grew up on his books. Mark Twain was a writer, satirist, journalist and social activist. Many stories and novels with life observations and subtle irony came from his pen. The writer had a talent to see the essence of what was happening. And he described it in a light, fun way. His works are easy to read and well remembered. At the same time they are filled with philosophical meaning. 'Is He Alive or Is He Dead?' is a collection of humorous stories. Everyone will find something for themselves in it: laughter, sadness, exposure, beautiful descriptions and much more.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 3352 Total words: 34707

Hard words: cablegram, pretending, sutler, unearthed, ostracized, sounded, caressing, pushed, uttering, smacking, grieved, uncrowned, containing, queen, surrounded, torturing, dukedom, wondering, simper, attacked, sheathed, sung, refused, deceiving, pah, avoided, parents, replaced, telephonic, seizing