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 Anne Collins

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You can find lots of small islands in the cold sea not far from Scotland. This book is just about one of them. This island is called Lana. Lana isn't big, but it is very picturesque. This is a very quiet place. There are no large shopping centers, roads or cars. There is only one ancient castle. A young Scotsman named Duncan lives in the castle. There are many rooms with antique furniture and ancient paintings in his castle. Duncan has no wife or children. But he has a faithful dog named Jock. He often walks with Jock. Duncan also likes fishing in his small boat in the sea. One day he receives a letter. There is a five thousand pound electricity bill. Duncan doesn't have this money. What should he do? Is it better to sell this island?

Text Analysis: Unique words: 337 Total words: 2775

Hard words: moneybags, catching, leaping, stopped, looking, jock, wanted, going, playing, sitting, smiling, don, waiting, castle, haven, goodbye, making, coming, unhappy, swimming, rabbit, eleven, fascinating, bath, forty, closed, march, mouse, girlfriend, helicopter