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 Rod Smith

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The story begins on the seventeenth of October. It was in the morning. The main character came to the office first. There were no more people around. So she started looking at the surrounding space in the morning gloom. It seemed to her something was wrong. Two people were walking around the building. Their faces were pale. These were the workers from the office. Yesterday Jack and Fallon also looked strange - as if they were sick during the working day. Jack is a nice young man, pleasant and cheerful. On the contrary, Fallon is reserved and angry. He is a programmer from Chicago. The main character often sees Fallon sitting at the computer and pressing keys. He does not like the main character as she is a woman with a high position and responsibilities. But that morning, such little things were not so important

Text Analysis: Unique words: 702 Total words: 6901

Hard words: grey, carried, formed, explained, putting, watching, turned, tied, seconds, typed, nearer, strobe, sender, identified, hydroelectric, reflected, untie, stairs, looking, carrying, wanted, jack, speaking, falling, going, taking, called, said, programmer, playing