Great Britain flag icon  Jake's Parrot

 Paul Hearn

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Jake Stevens feels slight, but pleasant excitement. The plane is going down and he looks out of the window. He sees the airport of the capital of Ireland - Dublin. It's time to forget about the hot climate of California. Now he will have to get used to the Irish rain and cool. It is quite warm in his hometown at this time, and the sky is blue and cloudless. Here he meets unusual cold. And the sky is covered with heavy lead clouds. But the guy is not upset. He feels good. Jake is a writer. He works for a big company in the United States. He flies to Dublin to work - to help the company deal with a new computer game, in development of which he was engaged. At the exit from the airport he was met by an old meets Jake. This journey through Ireland begins.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 603 Total words: 8305

Hard words: answered, grey, moved, bringing, crouching, worked, stole, shouted, crouched, helped, pulled, opened, nearer, needed, stopped, unhappily, seeing, squawk, drove, coldly, lying, felt, mum, looking, spoke, twelfth, finnish, wanted, californian, changed