Great Britain flag icon  Jeeves and Friends

 P. G. Wodehouse

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This is the author's second novel, which features the classic characters beloved by the reader. These are Bertie Wooster and his faithful valet Jeeves. Bertie is a true gentleman and a member of high society. He is a kind person who always tries to do something good. But usually his countless efforts bring only problems. When Bertie makes an attempt to reconcile old friends, this develops into an even greater scandal. Fortunalety for him, Jeeves is always at his disposal. Jeeves is his right hand. The valet knows how to solve any problem as he often has to do it. In this book, the reader will find an interesting dynamic plot and sparkling humour. This is the main reason to enjoy this worthy novel.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 2202 Total words: 20478

Hard words: cowshed, commandingly, blaming, hellishly, hallo, woodenly, unbending, hullo, cosy, ineffectively, corky, awfulness, bush, colourful, jute, lord, behavioural, icily, flowerbed, delightedly, sacking, fixedly, rummy, vacantly, uneaten, noiselessly, drinkable, headmistress, heatedly, fearlessness.