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 Rod Smith

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A heroine of this story is a Latin American girl from a poor American emigrant family. She reached the tops in the show business, cinema and garment business. It was thanks to her nature talent and enormous diligence. Nowadays Jennifer Lopez is a recognized queen of pop music who drives men crazy around the world with her bright beauty. Her impressive success sets a great example for women. Jennifer’s biography is a vivid example of how a simple woman from an indigent family can achieve her goal through faith and diligence. It is a definite proof that everything is possible. Your life is in your own hands. Your fate depends on you. This book will inspire the reader to follow his cherished dream and change life for the better.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 435 Total words: 1865

Hard words: synchronicity, policewoman, august, businesswoman, schoolwork, woody, jack, rebirth, grace, unfinished, perfume, maid, glow, brave, planner, cuban, angel, performer, dancer, monster, boyfriend, charity, actress, girlfriend, divorce, crash, singer.