Great Britain flag icon  Joey's Luck

 John Escott

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Everything happens at the beginning of the twentieth century. Joey arrives in London from Ireland in January. January is a cold and windy month in England. Still he does not even have a place to stay. Joey thinks it is not too important. After all, luck will help him. Thanks to his luck, he will find a cozy and inexpensive room where he will rest after the road. Soon he will become a rich man, thanks to his good luck. After all, the real rich men always get lucky. He goes for a walk around the city and after a while finds a room. It is small, but very cheap. The young man likes it. From the window there is a beautiful view of the Tower Bridge. The guy does not have much time to find a job and pay for the next week. But Joey is sure that luck will not fail this time.

 Tags:   pickpocket  house

Text Analysis: Unique words: 351 Total words: 1679

Hard words: pickpocket, bookshop, titanic, armchair, cupboard, moonlight, pub, fastest, landlord, voyage, hammer, wallet, halfway, fleet, runner, lamp, midnight, fifty, meter, stair, moon, smoke, tower, luck, round, coat, shout, lucky, passenger, noise.