Great Britain flag icon  Jojo's Story

 Antoinette Moses

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The loss of loved ones is a hard blow for everyone. How can a child survive this? Jojo is 10 years old. Soldiers came to his village and killed everyone. The boy was playing in the field at that time. That is why he remained alive. Only the boy does not understand how to live now. The question in his mind is: 'Why wasn't I with them?'. One day Jojo meets Chris. Chris is a British journalist. Jojo leaves with Chris. During this journey, they observe a country that is suffering from terrible war. Much of what he sees helps the boy to know himself, understand his thoughts and choose his life path. This book is filled with thoughts about life, experience and bitterness. And it also has answers to many questions.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 791 Total words: 11813

Hard words: stopping, parents, clucking, liked, grey, staying, eats, worked, stepped, landmine, travelling, worse, understood, lorry, favourite, helped, pulled, nearer, whoosh, crossed, stopped, wearing, cluck, fell, washed, tried, trying, hated, leaving, laughing