Great Britain flag icon  Journey to the Center of the Earth

 Jules Verne

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The famous professor of geology and his nineteen-year personal assistant, nephew Axel found seven-hundred years old book in an old bookshop. This book was written in a dead language from Iceland and said about an old princes from Norway. Professor couldn’t read it, despite the fact that he knew a lot of languages. By the most interesting was not the book itself but a handwritten note that was hidden inside. This piece of sheet was left by famous scientist who was considered crazy by other scholars because of his views about the Earth. Next steps to solving this puzzle was a journey to Denmark. Professor of geology and his assistant wanted to get into the volcano at Sneffells Yokul. It was planned as fantastic journey but turned at something even more.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 791 Total words: 5091

Hard words: trip, brick, introduce, reason, reason, scared, wonderfull