Great Britain flag icon  Journey's End

 Jan Carew

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Tom Smith is a usual polite and nice young man. He really wants to find a job, but he always fails. There are a lot of people around, but very few jobs. The young man has no money even for food and clothing. This upsets him very much. As a child, Tom dreamed of becoming a professional football player, because he really played well. He was also a good tennis player, but there were a lot of much better athletes around. Tom thought that he could go to work in a sports shop if he was not able to become a real athlete. Unfortunately, he failed. The days go by, but he still can't find a job. Until that moment, when Tom reads one announcement of the fair in the local newspaper. The next Saturday he goes there, spending the last money on the ticket.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 299 Total words: 1204

Hard words: footballer, madam, thirsty, cinema, madame, cafe, waiter, intelligent, sandwich, park, loud, tennis, thirty, stupid, journey, round, boss, hello, shall, tea, sad, weak, noise, cream, careful, gray, anywhere, funny, accident, angry.